Going on and on about cooking cabbages! – 5th September 1997

Friday 5th Today wasn’t too back actually. For school that is!

First thing I had was French. I’ve got a new teacher called Mrs W and I don’t really like her much but the people in the class are mostly the same.

Second thing was Maths with Miss W. The new American boy, Davis Nolan, is in front of me. He’s not fat, he’s just big and I can’t see the board!

3rd I had the food part of my Food Technology with Mrs K going on and on about cooking cabbages!

4th I had Science with Mr L. We’re doing Physics and I just can’t get my head round it. [All the family brain cells equipped to understand Physics went to my 3 of my cousins who are now physics-ing at space, nuclear energy and the LHC.]

At last break, the bell went for last lesson. I had P.S.E. [Personal & Social Education] with Mrs L (who I can’t stand) so I walked there with Poppy. I saw Dougie walking towards the same door as me but I didn’t think he’d be in my lesson. So, I was just standing there, talking to Poppy and Jill Baines and I heard someone say, “Have you got P.S.E. now?”

I turned round and had Dougie stood next to me! My heart started beating so fast and I just said a simple, “Yeah”. It went even faster when he said, “Oh good. Someone I know.” He was stood next to me for ages after that.

Every time I think of that it makes me smile! I also feel a bit sorry for him coz none of his friends are with us really. Then again, lads tend to be worse with their mates.

After school, Mum took Abby and I to the fire salvage coz they’ve got loads of sports gear in at the moment. [It was a shop that sold clothes, furniture, toys and any other crap they could get their hands on that was old, slightly faulty or had been salvaged from things like warehouse fires. I had many a (slightly smoky-smelling) bargain from that place.] I’ve ended up with a half price Diadora coat for school.

September 1997 - Diadora coat

[This is the coat. Please try to ignore my handlebar fringe. It was not one of my finest fringe moments.]

I’m really pleased with it! The stuff there is all slightly defective or dirty. All that I’ve found wrong with my new coat so far is that a toggle thing for pulling it together at the bottom has come off.


6 thoughts on “Going on and on about cooking cabbages! – 5th September 1997

  1. Hahaha! I’m loving these diary posts. I am thrown back to my youth again. I can recall those diary entries which appear trivial by today’s standard, but were the most important events taking place in life at that time…the guy you liked saying hi or your mum taking you shopping. I guess I can relate since in 1997 I would have been 16…the height of diary writing days.


    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

      And yes, never mind any wars or famines going on at the time. The real issues of the day were apparently who I’d be sat next to in French or what it meant when a boy looked at me for more than 3 seconds 😉

      Did you keep a teenage diary? (Don’t worry, I won’t make you share it if you admit that you did!)

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