They complained about a goat – 20th-26th August 1997

Wednesday 20th I went to the cinema with Hayley, Abby and Cassie Forrester today. We saw ‘Men in Black’. It was really good. It’s all about the MiB who track down alien bugs. I don’t know why it’s so good but it is. [Great analysis.] Will Smith is in it so he makes it quite funny!


P.S. It’s really hot and sticky weather here and everyone’s fed up!

Friday 22nd P. [Period]

We went to the garden centre today and Mum got together with Mrs R and a relative and they complained about a goat that was being kept with no grass.


Tuesday 26th I went for a really long bike ride with Emma today. We started off by just going to the next village to get something to eat then we decided to go and visit Cat. We got halfway there and I remembered she’d gone away so we took a different route back. We nearly went home until I had a good idea. We were actually quite close to Lizzie’s village so we thought we’d go to her house. [Which was conveniently round the corner from Dougie’s house.]

We got there and Emma insisted on going to call on Lucy so she (we) could see if Dougie was in. Neither were so we went to Lizzie’s.

Emma also phoned Charlie Wilson coz she had a phone call whilst she was on her cruise from a boy. It was him.


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