One of them pinched my bum – 7th-9th August 1997

Thursday 7th We went to Thurso today coz Mum was having a facial. Rhian, Abby and I went round the shops. I bought 2 glass pigs for Cat and Emma and a pottery seal with shells and seaweed inside a plastic or glass block thing for myself.

We went back to meet Mum and the woman who’d done her facial used to live in the next village to us and went to my high school! It’s so weird, isn’t it?!

Alex is going tomorrow instead now coz the weather was bad. His little sister told me Alex’s age. He’s a teen but I couldn’t tell which. I thought she said 13 but I doubt it.


Friday 8th Alex went today. I got a wave of Alex coz Matthew told him I fancied him.

We also went 2 Sandigo beach.


Saturday 9th My other cousins, Harry and David, came over from Orkney to see us for the day. When we took them back to the ferry, we saw these men pointing into the harbour and these lads dropping small fish off a boat into the water. We went over to have a look and saw that there was a seal in the water. It was so cute.

As everyone was boarding the boat, this group of lads walked past. I think they’d just been to the footy. I had my back turned coz I was watching the seal and one of them pinched my bum. I couldn’t even turn round coz Mum was stood next to me and she would’ve asked what was wrong. Hopefully no-one else noticed!

Abby’s really annoying Rhian and me coz she keeps going on about how much she’s missing Matthew.


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