Mum and Auntie S caught us whistling at Alex – 4th-6th August 1997

Monday 4th We went to Reiss beach this afternoon coz it was quite warm. I told myself that I wouldn’t get too wet but I got absolutely soaked!

This evening I saw Alex and he’s not as nice as he was. Rhian and I were waiting for Abby to come out and he and his mate (who is the bro of a girl Rhian knows) walked up the road.

It got foggy this evening and they came out to play golf in the garden and saw us watching and said hi when Tom and Minnie shouted. We saw his sis and her mate come to their house with her mate’s pyjamas then a boy got out if a car with and overnight-looking bag. We think that was Alex’s brother Matthew’s mate. Maybe they’re all staying overnight.


Tuesday 5th We went 2 Duncansby today and I saw loads of baby birds and then we went 2 get an ice lolly from John O’Groats.

This evening, Mum and Auntie S caught us whistling at Alex, Matthew and his friend. It was so embarrassing 4 us!

[So many 2s and 4s all of a sudden! I blame internet chatrooms 4 such a decline in my writing skillz.]


Wednesday 6th Alex and his family are leaving 4 Shetland tomorrow! They were about a lot today, going in and out. Matthew and Richard Gregory were at Rhian’s window this morning.

We went swimming 2 today. Gotta go!


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