I saw some real, live fit lads in Wick! – 1st & 2nd August 1997

Friday 1st I seem to be permanently watching out for gorgeous lads at the moment!

We went swimming this morning and there was one lad. [Didn’t matter what he looked like. I wasn’t fussy.] On the way back we got whistled at from a house by the harbour.

I’ve found out from Rhian about Ben McFarlane, the Sunday paperboy. I know where he lives too. [Sinister. At least I didn’t drawn his house.]

We went to the Portland Arms for tea and there was a wedding dance there.


Saturday 2nd This evening was quite good actually. During the day, Rhian’s friend, Clementine Catt, came round and this evening we all went to the fair by Safeways. It was really good and there were loads of rides and stuff. There was a waltzer and this Firestarter ride which was the best! It spun round and moved up and down and it was dead fast. There was also a really great firework display on.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw some real, live fit lads in Wick! [Sorry, Wick, for having such low expectations of your teenage boy stock.] I thought they’d (he’d) moved to Shetland!

That’s another thing I have to mention. When we were at the fair, Rhian and Clementine spotted Richard Gregory (who Rhian fancies) with Alex’s little brother. Then on the way out, we saw their dad directing traffic (he’s a policeman). At this point I was getting quite excited coz I thought they’d come back to visit.

Then, on the way up Rhian’s road, I saw the sillohette [Nice try.] of a boy in Alex’s house! It’s got to be Alex! His bro and dad were out and why would there be a stranger in the living room?


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