I just went into a panic! – 23rd July 1997

Wednesday 23rd


Today wasn’t very good. Actually, it was awful. We had a year assembly first thing and they were giving out the certificates for behaviour. There were gold, silver and bronze given out then but the platinum ones were given out in the afternoon in front of the whole school.

So, I was just sitting happily in the Drama Studio expecting to get a certificate and I watched Dougie get a gold one and my friend get theirs but when it came round to my form and my name wasn’t read out, I just went into a panic! I knew I’d done well but I hadn’t got gold which meant I’d have to go up in front of the whole bloody school!!! [Worst thing EVER!]

The teachers think it’s an honour but the pupils think of it as humiliation! It’s so embarrassing!

I was sitting in the Sports Hall this afternoon in the school end-of-year assembly and the headteacher got round to certificates. They did Year 10 first and Charlie W got a platinum which made me feel a bit better coz he couldn’t call me a swot or anything.

Then it got round to the Year 9s and my name was read out. Lena Hall and I were the only girls in Year 9 that got called. I got back to my place and looked at Charlie. He was looking at me and smiling. I was so relieved that was done with.

All my friends went to Freda’s sleepover tonight but I couldn’t (and didn’t really want to) go because I had a dentist appointment. I went in with Mum and Abby and I sat in the chair. I got told I have really strong teeth [Even my teeth were swotty.] but they are slightly stained at the back of my front ones. She also said I may have to have surgery if my teeth start shifting.


P.S. I also got given 2 Sports Day certificates.

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