Sniffing illegal substances! – 22nd July 1997

Tuesday 22nd Hayley was panicking all day coz she thought she’d be going out with Will Fernley. She sent Lena Hall to ask him out for her just to see what he’d say and he said yes! It eventually all got sorted out coz Hayley sent Lena back to tell him to wait until September.

It was the WaterWorld trip last night with school (I didn’t go) and there was more romance (URGH!!!) there between Georgia Dean and Jez of all people. I haven’t told anyone I like him other than Abby. Georgia fancied him so Rani S went and asked him out for her. He also said to wait until September so maybe he’ll have forgotten about her by then.

Rachael Hollins has also admitted that she fancies Graham Baxter!

Emma’s admitted who she fancies too – Charlie Wilson, Freddie Bevan and Dougie. Emma keeps saying she’s going to go to Lizzie’s house in the summer hols whilst I’m in Scotland and that they’re both going to go and visit Dougie. I hope she’s only saying it to try and make me jealous and they’re not actually going to go.

We were playing Sharades (or however you spell it) in Science [Very scientific.] and the class split down the middle into 2 teams. It got round to Robert Osborne’s go (Emma was permanently red) and he had to act out ‘Men in Black’ the film. He couldn’t keep his mouth still and I was killing myself laughing at him! We ended up being deducted points because of his inability to control his mouth.

I think Emma actually believed me for a few seconds today when I said I’d seen Charlie W sniffing illegal substances! [He was at the bottom of the list of people likely to do such a thing.] I’d seen him walking through the yard with something stuffed up his nose but I think it was more likely to be something for his hay fever. I wouldn’t really have thought of Charlie as the druggie type!

At lunch it was really embarrassing. Emma and I went up to The Quiet Shop in the village to get sweets and stuff. I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever been in and out of there! Just as I’d got about £1 worth of sweets and chocolate, Dougie and co walked in. He sort of stood behind me, smiling at me as I paid for everything. Then Emma was torn between staying in the shop and going out coz Dougie was in and Freddie was out!

We saw them all again at last break, All my friends were crowded round Lizzie’s Tamagotchi and I saw them all walk past. Dougie and Jez definitely turned around and looked at us.

Miss G was telling us about the sets for Year 10. I don’t know if it applies to all subjects or just English. It’s really weird. Our year, ever since Year 7, has been split into 2 halves with 4 forms on one side and 4 forms on the other. We were expecting to be completely mixed up next year but we were told that only one form (not mine) are being moved to the other half. We don’t know if there’s a form swapping or if we’re just staying as 3 forms. I suppose we’ll find out next year. [This was disappointing because all the boys I lusted after were on the other half of the year to me so we were never in the same classes. This greatly reduced the opportunity to gaze at them longingly and clam up and run away if they ever came near me.]



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