Most companies had security hardcore men – 16th July 1997

Wednesday 16th I quite enjoyed school today actually. [Probably because it mostly involved colouring in for me.] We had a staff meeting first thing before we started getting on with our jobs.

Graham made the final decisions on what we were going to do about making the mobile. We all agreed the best idea was making a complete mobile and also a booklet so kids could cut out their own mobile and stick it together.

As the Design & Production Team, Lizzie, Emma, Georgia and I had to decide what it would look like, We each got a piece of paper and started drawing rough sketches of what it would look like. We all started off drawing the top of the mobile the same because our head of year, Mr M, was selling equipment and he had stencils for the top of our mobiles like this:

July 1997 - Mobile top

This design only held up 4 different hanging pictures so when Emma drew and octopus, the 4 of us all had the same idea. We scrapped the designs with Mr M’s top and designed some with an octopus for the top.

The rest of the company agreed it was a better idea so we started drawing out our design onto card so we could cut it out. We had to use every scrap and use the least amount of equipment possible so that we didn’t spend all of our £7 on the ready-made mobile.

We already had ideas for the hangings because Georgia had cut out and brought in some cartoon fish from a picture at home. We all did our bit in the making of the mobile and we finished it by the end of the morning. It looks like this:

July 1997 - Mobile

During the afternoon, we managed to get the booklet mobile done. It was exactly the same only we left the pictures on card and put a front cover on it.

The whole company decided on the name ‘My First Mobiles’ for general use and this particular one was called ‘Octopussi’.

Everybody had loads of work to do as follows:

Graham – Managing Director – Starred in advertisement video, got together speeches for the presentation tomorrow, organised meetings.

Orson – Financial Director – Given £7 to buy equipment, kept a check on supplies, made sure we didn’t spend too much, thought up ways of making more money e.g. hiring out equipment.

George, Jez, Johnny – Sales/Advertising – Made video, made posters, printed out handouts for judges tomorrow, designed logo →

July 1997 - Mobile bit

Kai – Human Resources – Made a talk, made sure production team was treated fairly.

Wes – Quality Control – Made list of who was doing what, made sure everything was a high standard.

Rachael and Robert – Project Managers – Made a talk, helped Graham organise meetings, helped with booklet instructions.

Lizzie, Georgia, Tess and Emma – Production Team – Made mobile booklet, made ready-made mobile, did packaging (cover for booklet), coloured, stuck together mobile and booklet, did coversheets with logos on for handouts, designed mobile and booklet.

We worked throughout breaks and lunches, spying on other groups and finding out inside information from friends in other groups. Every company was doing it so you had to watch what you said.

At one point, Hayley and Shauna managed to get into our room but they got chucked out. Most companies had security hardcore men outside their rooms. We didn’t bother.

Hayley was sick twice today. She also told me that she thinks Dougie fancies her coz he keeps offering to help her. I hope he doesn’t.

Jez kept looking at me today. He also kept coming to see what I was doing. I just hope Emma doesn’t notice coz she’s looking for something to tease me about coz I’ve been teasing her about Robert Osborne.


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