I’m scared of getting pervy letters – 12th July 1997

Saturday 12th Talked to more people on The Internet [It had earned itself capital letters because that’s where I lived now.]

One was called Luke and was 13, screen name Montague.
One was Tom (BMX something).
One was Jamie who I talked to for a while, screen name Jam1011 which is his birthday numbers.

I’m not too trusting with Jamie after he asked for my home address. [SO SENSIBLE! Well done, me.]

Inpaler came on again but he’s changed his name to BarmyBazza now. [I’m not sure which name I hate more.] It was embarrassing with him coz he kept writing “hi lover” and stuff when my mum was on.

I didn’t talk to Pete again and I’m not sure I want to talk to the rest. BMX was boring, I didn’t really trust Jamie and Barry’s just getting embarrassing. Oh yeah, there was another one called Chris B but I didn’t talk to him for long. They’re all lads too. No girls our age really want to talk to us.

I’m not sure about the internet now. I mean, it’s good but I’m scared of getting pervy letters or letting people know too much about myself. They could all be genuine and perfectly harmless but I’m not taking any risks. [I know Mum and Dad will have worried about us talking to boys on the internet but not as much as I worried about it. I was going to be fine.]

It was the village gala today. Emma came too. It wasn’t very good really. A few floats and that was about it.

Mum, Abby and I also went into town to get a pair of shorts each. I got some Umbro ones and a football coz we don’t know what happened to the last one.


Letter from my cousin, Rhian, in Caithness! →

July 1997 - Auntie S

July 1997 - Fi's letter end

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