She did the walls joke on him – 4th July 1997

Friday 4th  It was an inset day at school so the kids didn’t have to go in. Emma and Abby’s friend Cassie Forrester came to our house and Mum and Dad were out so we started phoning people.

First of all we phoned Charlie Wilson who both Abby and Emma fancy. Cassie spoke but he didn’t really say much.

Then Cassie phone Robert Osborne. He’s in my form and Emma fancies him too. She did the walls joke on him. [Because it went so well the first time?] You know, “Hi, is Mr Walls there please? Well, is Mrs Walls there then? Well, are there any Walls there? Well, how does the bloody roof stay on then?” [Oh! The hilarity!]

Robert just said, “Ha ha ha ha! Who is it?” Like most people do. Cassie then went on about Emma but he hung up. She phoned him back again to apologise.

The last call we made was to Dominic Walters. Hayley and I were talking to him at the cinema once when he was with Robert. Cassie did the walls joke on him too but we were on the computer phone and he couldn’t hear her properly. He knows me as the one with the M&Ms coz I had a great big bag of them at the cinema!

Cassie, Abby and Emma all went to the next village but I didn’t coz I couldn’t be bothered. I went outside and got locked out so I had to try and break in. I went to the shed and got a piece of cane and garden wire and made that sort of shape →

July 1997 - Loop

then went to the front door and pushed it through the letterbox. I dropped it though and the dog got hold of it!

I got let in when Cass, Abbs and Em came back.


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