John’s ok but too young! – 1st July 1997

Tuesday 1st I didn’t have to wear school uniform today which pleased me so I put on my blue Adidas pants, blue Reebok sweatshirt and grey Umbro polo shirt. [Eesh. I should’ve stuck to school uniform.]

July 1997 - Outfit example

[This is the outfit described above. The only explanation I can come up with is that I secretly wanted to be Sporty Spice.]

Emma’s mum dropped her off at our house and I gathered my lunch and flute and stuff together ready to go to the flute choir in Wigan. Mum, Dad and Abby set off to go to work and school and Emma and I walked down to the Post Office in the village. Miriam (who is living there) works in Wigan and said she would give us a lift to Wigan Pier in the mornings.

We got to The Mill at the Pier and Miriam went to work. Emma and I had no idea where we were mean to be going so we tried a few doors but everywhere was locked. We decided to wait in the car park for our teacher, Miss T, to arrive. She came quite soon after and took us to a room next to the café. We set up a few stands whilst everyone else arrived.

There were 10 if us altogether but there should be another girl called Jen coming tomorrow. There was Davinia, Julie, Jen (another one), Jenna, Ria, John, Vicky, Teresa and Emma and me. Most of them were younger than us and on grade 7 or 8. John’s on grad 5 I think and he’s 12 years old. We’re only grade 2! [Poor effort but I didn’t like singing in front of the examiner so refused to do any higher grades.]

They were hard pieces and we got fed up after a while. For the concert tomorrow evening there’s a swing band and a string group playing. Maybe there’ll be nice lads in those! John’s ok but too young!


P.S. Abby told me Dougie wasn’t in school again today.

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