I didn’t get to see him in shorts – 27th – 30th June 1997

Friday 27th Hello! Not much has really happened today. I’ve found out that Manchester United are signing a 19 year old from Norway to play for them called Erik Nevland. Also they’re meant to be signing Teddy Sheringham for £3.5 million. [YAWN.]

We had karaoke in Music today. I didn’t sing but quite a lot of others in my form did.

Next week I’m only having a day and a half in school hopefully. On Monday afternoon it’s Sports Day (if there’s no rain), Tuesday and Wednesday I’m going on a flute group course with Emma, Thursday should be normal and then Friday is an inset day so no one’s in!


Sunday 29th I went round to Emma’s today coz we were both bored. We spent most of our time looking for her cat who’s been missing for 2 days.

I also saw a notice in the newsagent window saying someone had found a cockatiel. We had one in our garden a few weeks ago but it flew off.


Monday 30th Emma’s cat turned up again. She said it was at the door this morning.

It was Sports Day today so we got the afternoon off. I had to do the long jump and I came 3rd with 3.14 metres.

For the rest of the day I just watch other people doing their events. Especially Danny Barnes. I think he’s gorgeous. He was doing the triple jump so I went over to watch. He made a right mess of the one I saw and he must have known coz as he was jumping he went, “Oh my God!” I felt so sorry for him.

I confessed to Lucy that I like Danny and she said, “Do you? I’ve always thought he was nice!” She can’t like him too! She already likes Dougie and she lives next door to him! [I don’t think it works like that. She would’ve been an anomaly if she only fancied one person at any one time as a teenager.]

Dougie was ill today actually so I didn’t get to see him in shorts!

As I was walking home after school, I ended up walking down the passage behind two Year 10 lads. They stopped just ahead of me and I saw why. Danny was walking the opposite way back to school! One lad said, “Where’ve you been?” Danny sort of pointed back down the passage with this thumb. The lad then said, “To see your mum?” Danny laughed and walked on past me. The other lad then said, ”What was all that about?” and he was told, “We’re always teasing him coz he’s a bit of a mummy’s boy!” I nearly burst out laughing! I’ve heard about his mum being a bit overprotective before and I think it’s sweet!


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