PISS OFF! – 23rd June 1997

Monday 23rd In P.E., I finally decided to do the 1500m so Rachael Hollins and I went down to the field together. Whilst I was in the Sports block, I heard a lad say, ”Danny Barnes is playing too” or something and I turned round and he was stood there. Anyway, we were racing against Tanya Potter and Carly Jennings (who are good) and Josie Nichol (who’s ok). None of us wanted to wait for the Year 7s and Year 8s to go but we had to before we could run and get it done with.

We were at the start and I was telling myself it’s only 3 and 3 quarters laps. The first 3 quarters were alright but on the 2nd and 3rd the pain set in. The last lap round was worst. I knew I could do it but I felt awful! My mouth had gone completely dry and every time I breathed through my nose, all gunge came into my throat. [Nice. No wonder I have an aversion to running as an adult.] I might sound funny but, believe me, it wasn’t.

Emma, Cat and my other friends were cheering me on but it was embarrassing so on the 2nd lap I mouthed, “PISS OFF!” to them!

I got to the finish and I just collapsed. I had to get Emma to help me up again! I walked past Dougie but, for once, I didn’t really care. I was too knackered!

At last break I saw Danny. He was stood at their bench with his hand in his trouser pockets like he always does (I like it though. It’s sort of, well, nice!) and he turned round twice!

The best thing that happened was when I was walking down the passage on the way home from school. I saw someone coming towards me, walking pretty quickly back to school like they’d forgotten something.

I looked up as he was walking past me and my eyes met his! (Urgh! Sounds like something from a soppy book but it’s the only way to describe it!) It was Danny!

The best part was seeing what he had in his hand. It was an Umbro training shoes bag, you know:

June 1997 - Umbro

It swung round and on the other side it had the Man Utd thing, you know:

June 1997 - MUFC

That means he probably supports MANCHESTER UNITED! That’s great! [I think I would’ve unfancied someone immediately if they supported the ‘wrong’ team.]


P.S. In the 1500m, I came 3rd out of 5 and got 6 points (I think) for my team!

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