I’m a number 6 girl – 20th & 21st June 1997

Friday 20th It was the concert this evening. I wasn’t nervous until Ed went up before us. I started shaking. I was terrified of making a mistake. Miss T couldn’t get my flute to tune and it took ages.

Everyone afterwards said it was good but I thought it was one of the worst we’d ever played!

Danny was on the spotlight. He’s gorgeous!


P.S. Uncle R’s come over on the way to see Grandma L.

Saturday 21st


Me = 6
Dougie = 2 = FRIENDS
Danny Barnes = 6 = OK
Dominic Walters = 3 = LOVE

This still is out of Abby’s August 1997 issue of Bliss magazine. It’s this thing where you use the name or nickname of the boy you fancy, then using the numbers given with each letter of their names, add it all up to get a number from 1 to 9. The matches and how good they are is given with the magazine.

I’m a number 6 girl so in the mag it says I get on with Dougie (number 2), I could get on with Danny (number 6) and it’s a perfect match with Dominic (number 3). It also gives an explanation of what the lads’ personality is like and it doesn’t sound like any of them! It’s a load of bollocks! [Yet I clearly spent a lot of time adding up scores. I bet I wouldn’t have written it off as bollocks if Dougie and I had come out as ‘LOVE’.]

Anyway, Dad went to Inverness with Uncle R this morning and we went with Mum and Emma to the primary school Summer Fair coz Mum was face painting. Emma, Abby and I went round the village mostly. We phoned Dougie from the phone box and Emma did a trick on him. This is how she said the conversation more or less went:

Emma: Hello, is Mr Walls there please?
Dougie: Sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong number.
Emma: Well, are there any Walls there?
Dougie: No!
Emma: Well, how does the bloody roof stay on then?!
Dougie: Ha ha! Very funny! Is that the best you can do?!
Emma: Hi! It’s Emma!
Dougie: Urgh, I might have known!

They started talking about stuff for a while coz his parents were out.

We phoned the primary school to let Mum know where we were and then Abby and I bribed Emma into phoning Charlie Wilson using sweets! She did but he was on the D of E awards with school.

We then phoned directory enquiries to find Danny’s number. They said there were Barnes on his road so we got the number. It was his coz Emma phoned to check. She said his dad answered and she asked for Danny and he said hold on but she said, “Is it Danny Mansfield’s number?” coz she didn’t want to speak. He said, “No, Danny Barnes” so she said, “Bye!” and hung up.

His number is 01*** ******.

[Thank God I didn’t have a mobile phone for another few years. We at least had to put some effort into getting in touch with the objects of our affections.]


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