He sort of giggled and said no – 19th June 1997

Thursday 19th It’s Dad’s birthday today. He’s 51 and doesn’t want reminding! We gave him the fish yesterday [Live, not food.] and he got cards this morning.

Emma walked to school with us today and we put our flutes straight in Music. Then we went to look at the Sports Day teams. I saw my name only next to the long jump. I was so relieved! I couldn’t believe it so I went back and checked again. What I hadn’t seen the first time was my name also next to the


Out of all the 3rd Year girls in our team, who gets the worst event? ME!

At break, I went to see Mr B about it. I told him I didn’t want to do it and he said that I didn’t have to. I felt guilty then like I was letting the team down or something and he told me he thought he could rely on me. So I think I’ll do it now. [He knew he could rely on my to feel guilty enough to do it. Git.] It’s not actually on Sports Day but at Monday lunch coz it takes so long and there wouldn’t be time.

In Science it was funny. Well, everyone said it was. Mr K asked me a question on concave and convex mirrors. I said politely, “I don’t know” so he said, “Well, if you go back and see the diagram on the board, what happens?” I said something like, “They meet in the middle.” He told me it was wrong so I said, “I don’t know, do I?! I wasn’t in last lesson!!!” He sort of stepped back and went, “Sorry. OK!” like I was shouting at him. Emma couldn’t stop laughing.

After school was dead good. I was walking into Music with Emma and I gasped and went, “Emma! Emma, look!” Danny was walking in front of us into Music and into the Drama Studio where the rest of the lighting team were. Emma was threatening to say something.

Later, Emma was in the Drama Studio with Samantha (1st Year) talking to Danny. By the way, the rest of the lighting team in there were Aaron Priestley, Neil Kennedy, Chris something and someone they call Foggy (from 4th Year too). She was saying different people who Danny might fancy or something.

Emma told me on the way out to the shop that she’d sent Aaron to ask Danny stuff. This is the conversation she said happened:

Emma: Aaron, ask Danny if he likes someone in our year. (Aaron went and came out)
Aaron: He said yes.
Emma: Go ask who. (Aaron goes in and comes back out with Danny)
Danny: What?
Emma: Do you fancy someone in my year?
Danny: What year are you in?
Emma: 3rd Year. Do you?
Danny: Who?
Emma: I can’t say.
Danny: I don’t know if you don’t tell me who.
(I came round the corner)
(Emma pointed to me and Danny shakes his head)

Back from the shop, we went in the Drama Studio again and sat on the stairs and watched them sort out the lights. Mr P was in there too and he was joining in with everyone teasing Emma about Neil K.

Just before we went, Emma asked Danny if he liked me again and he sort of giggled and said no. He might not want to tell her, you never know! [If an outright NO didn’t deter me, what would?!]


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