Here’s my list of worries – 18th June 1997

Wednesday 18th I didn’t go to school today [Leaving plenty of time for worrying.] but I’ll probably go back tomorrow.

Here’s my list of worries about going back to school:

1. Sports Day
I phoned Emma tonight to catch up on stuff I’d missed. One thing she mentioned was what everyone is doing for Sports Day next Wednesday.

The P.E. staff organise it differently every year. This year they’ve got 4 teams. Wimbledon, Headingley, Ascot and Twickenham. I’m on the Headingley team with Mr B (who seems like he should be in the army, not a school) as our leader teacher. [I like that I was in the Headingley team. I lived there for yeeeeears until fairly recently AND I’m going there today. Teenage me would’ve thought that was a sign for something. Something to do with boys.]

Emma said that she’s been picked to do the long jump and that’s it but Milla Green (who I think Emma said was away today) has 3 things to do which no-one else will. Freda (who was ill) has ended up with the 1500m! I hate to think what I’ve ended up with!

Not only that but 2 people from each year group in each team will so the same thing so that means I’ll probably be doing something.

Abby, the lucky sod, isn’t doing anything coz her friend had been asked to arrange the 2nd Year girls so she asked not to do anything and she isn’t!

2. Peripatetic Concert
On Friday evening there’s a concert in school and everyone who plays a musical instrument and has lessons in school is involved.

I have to play 2 great long classical pieces (Theme & Variation and Dance A Cachucha) with Emma and a couple of other people.

I really don’t want to coz everyone will be watching. Not only my family (and Abby who’s got out of this too!) but Dougie (coz he has music lessons), Charlie Wilson (for the same reason as Dougie) and the lighting team there will probably be Neil Kennedy and Danny Barnes! Aaargh!!!

3. English Project Talk
In English, we’ve got to do a project and I’ve no idea what on. Miss G said we can’t do it on football or the Spice Girls. Now, I wasn’t planning on the Spice Girls but I was thinking along the lines of Man Utd.

Never mind. It’s not the project part I’m too bothered about, it’s more the talk. I mean, I’ve got to come up with something that’s not sad or boring. But what?


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