“Tess doesn’t know I know” – 13th & 14th June 1997

Friday 13th I’ve not been in school today coz I’ve got a sore throat. [I’m surprised I didn’t link this to Friday 13th.]

Dad might be going to Scotland to the hospital in Inverness where Grandma L is. She’s come out of the operation alright but Uncle J says she keeps being sick. Otherwise she’s cheerful, I wrote her a letter today. Maybe it’ll cheer her up if she reads it.

Dad said that he might not be coming on holiday to Caithness to see our cousins coz he’s got work. I hope he can come. It wouldn’t seem right without him.


Saturday 14th Abby said she overheard Mum on the phone to Emma’s mum and she said something like, “I’m trying to think back to what I did as a teenager. Tess doesn’t know I know I don’t think.” Yeah right! Like Emma wouldn’t tell me if her mum knew about Robert! [Mum really didn’t need to worry about me anyway. I was far too worried about EVERYTHING at 14 to be rebellious in any way.]

I went into the next village for lunch with Emma today. We got a pasty each and mainly went round on our bikes. We hid them at one point in the den up the side of the golf course. It’s just been flooded so nobody uses the path much.

We saw Roger Baldwin and Pallav as well. They passed and didn’t say anything but as they were walking off, Ian said, “She’s got quite nice legs, Tess!” Pallav laughed and agreed. Prats!

Nowt else much has gone on.


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