“I was a teenager once too, you know!” – 12th June 1997

Thursday 12th Not very much really happened after school except as Emma and I were going to the phone we saw Pallav, Ian Robertson and Dougie all looking under the temporary block. We only realised Ed was under there when he yelled, “I’m stuck!”

We were on the way to the phone to phone Dominic Walters, this lad that’s friends with Robert Osborne (Emma fancies Robert). Hayley fancied him when she met him at the cinema. He’s alright actually but doesn’t go to our school.

He wouldn’t come out so Emma told him she’d phone him back later. I went round to her house and we rang back. He still refused to come out so we left it. Emma then decided to phone Robert, I couldn’t stop laughing!

I’ve got Danny Barnes’s (Barnes is spelt like that. I saw it on the P.E. noticeboard.) address off Emma who got it off Vanessa Wood. It’s 2 Sanderson Close.

My Grandma L has gone into hospital today for an operation on her arm. I hope she’ll be alright. She said the surgeon was trained by someone she used to work with when she was a nurse.


P.S. I’ve just had a phone call from Emma telling me that her mum was listening in to the phone calls we made from her house. She then said that when her mum phoned my mum to tell her that I’d gone to the farm, she told her about us phoning boys.

I thought it was weird when I was doing my homework coz Mum yelled up the stairs, “I was a teenager once too, you know!” I didn’t think much of it at the time but now I do!

I really hope Emma’s making it up! [I remember this panic. The thought that Mum knew I was ringing boys was mortifying!]

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