The worst sign of the zodiac – 10th June 1997

Tuesday 10th Emma and Freda are being really snidey to this lad, Howard Cope. Emma keeps sending us over to tell him she fancies him (she doesn’t) [I bet she did.] and he believes her. Freda then started yelling things across the yard like, “Do you have wet dreams/a stiffy when you’re stood by/thinking of Emma?” I feel so sorry for him. It was in front of his mates and all.

It was so good tonight after school. I stayed coz we were meant to have an orchestra practice because we need an extra one for the concerts but Mr P went home. There weren’t many people there in the end coz most people just got the bus home.

Emma, Abby and I went into the Music block anyway to see who was there. Freda was there and so was Duncan Ellers, Brian Short, Abe Vincent, his brother and a few others. No one interesting.

I’d just found 10p for the phone so I could get someone to pick me up and Dougie walked round the corner. I put my money away and decided to stay for an hour until Mum came. Dougie was looking for money too but out also put it away again.

He sat at the kit and started playing. I was stood in the doorway explaining to Emma who Brian Laudrup is and how Man Utd might sign him from Glasgow Rangers. I kept talking so it looked like I didn’t care Dougie was there but I watched him and he kept turning round and looking at me and away from the drums.

Freda went home and Abby decided that she wanted to go too. I said no but, just to keep her happy, I phoned home. There was no one in so we went to get a drink from the shop.

On the way past the tennis courts, Dougie shouted, “Emma! Emma! Have you got a racket?” We hadn’t so we left him, Duncan and Brian and went to get a drink. I had a can of Coca Cola. [That details seems like it will be significant to wherever I’m going with this story. It’s very unlikely that it actually will be.]

On the way back to Music, we saw the 3 lads again coming out of the canteen with chocolate and stuff. I said to Dougie, “Emma’s got a photo of you when you were in Germany.” He grinned and told us that Vanessa Wood told him she was taking them for Emma.

The 3 of us got back to Music before the lads. Abe Vincent was in there so Emma asked him if she could be a bridesmaid! Abby and I knew what she was on about and laughed but he didn’t have a clue. Emma then asked him if he really did fancy Lucy and he twigged. He denied it. We then went and asked his brother who it was and he told us it was Poppy. I asked Abe and he admitted it! I’ve got to tell her!

That lot all pissed off somewhere so us 3 trekked round the school looking for Dougie. His sister was in the library but we couldn’t find him. We went back to Music and he was in there on the keyboards with Duncan and Brian.

I grabbed a board marker and started writing a list out starting with ‘Emma ♥z’ and then I wrote a great long list. There was Charlie Wilson, Robert Osborne, Howard Cope, Harry Preston, Neil Kennedy, Dougie and a few others. When I wrote Neil Kennedy, Emma said, “I don’t fancy him. He fancies you though!” Dougie heard and smiled to himself, I think.

Emma then went over to Duncan to see what he was doing on the computer. She then asked Dougie about the drums and he said he’d taught himself! Abby then asked him which Spice Girl he liked best. I think he said Geri.

I got Emma’s horoscope books out of her bag which she had because she’d leant them to someone. I went back in the room and Abby said to Dougie, “When’s your birthday?” [As if we didn’t know.] He told her it was the 2nd February. I asked which start sign that was [As if I didn’t know.] and answered, “You should work it out. Aquarius.” I looked it up for compatible signs but I wasn’t on it. Emma (Leo) is the polar opposite sign though.

Dougie said he hates people who are obsessed with horoscopes. I said I wasn’t and he told me he meant Emma.

I read up on my sign (Scorpio) and it said it was often known as the worst sign of the zodiac. I really expected Dougie to say something nasty about that but he didn’t!

Dougie got hold of the other book and commended on Leo (by the way, he doesn’t know what career he wants). [What?! Where did that completely unrelated aside come from?] Not much was nice! The he read Aquarius and it said it sometimes seems like they’re from another planet. We laughed. Then he said Aquarius likes big birds. His face lit up and I realised what he was thinking. Sicko!

Dougie went over to the board and drew a picture of Emma a bit like this:


It wasn’t very good! I could see the likeness though!

I realised what time it was and we all said bye and left. I saw Dougie’s dad today in a white M-reg Rover. His dad has greyish hair and was wearing sunglasses.

I can’t decide what Dougie thinks of me. He’s hardly ever said anything nasty like he does to Emma (so far). I think maybe I’m just a friend. Well, it’s better than nothing. I think!


P.S. Emma said that Zoe said that all Dougie’s mates except Jez were being horrid and leaving him out coz he’s too quiet and swotty. Well, I like him anyway.

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