I looked him in the eye – 9th June 1997

Monday 9th I’ve not seen Dougie at all today (I don’t think) but I’ve seen the gorgeous Danny Barnes quite a few times.

First was when I was going to my 1st lesson and I walked through the door at the same time as he was coming out.

Then at 1st break, I was going to my locker with Emma and I saw him with a group of girls. [Boooo.] He was coming down and I was going up the stairs and I’m sure he looked at me coz he moved over to let me past. [I don’t think it counts if he was just looking where he was going and I was in the way.]

The last time was at lunch. He was with a girl and he got a pencil case out (a silver tin one) [Essential stalker detail.] and gave her a pen or something. He started walking and I was with Emma. I walked past and I looked him in the eye. Emma said he was smiling after. I certainly was!

[Move over, Dougie! Danny seems like the new…erm… victim of my affections.]


P.S. Lizzie wasn’t in today.

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