I was so chuffed he said hi – 3rd June 1997

Tuesday 3rd I had quite a good lunch time today. I was coming out of Technology with Emma and Lizzie and Danny and some of his mates walked past. He’d taken his blazer off and had rolled his sleeves up and looked all gorgeous and scruffy with a bit of a tan.

I ate my lunch and spotted Dougie going out of school with Ralph, Freddie and Jez. He hardly ever goes out of school but we usually do so I got Lizzie to hurry up and we went out too.

We were just getting up to the gates and I saw them coming in. I tried my hardest not to smile but I did a bit and carried on talking to Lizzie. She quite likes Dougie too and went out with Ralph.

We got level with them and Dougie said, “Hello”. My stomach flipped that many times! I was so chuffed he said hi to me. I didn’t know what to say so I just said, “You what?” coz I was still taking in what he’d just said. [Good God. What was wrong with me?! How long does ‘hello’ take to sink in?]

He brushed past me. [I’m surprised I didn’t faint at such vague physical contact.] I like him loads again now, by the way. Jez came back and said to Lizzie, “Will you go out with Ralph again?” She screwed her face up and shook her head and I shouted after them, “Course she will! She loves you!” The 3 of them laughed and I heard Ralph mutter something like, “I hate you, Jez!”

Oh no! We’ve got Drama tomorrow. We usually do the same things as Zoe’s form so I asked her what she was doing. She said it was something about the cycle of life I think.

Mrs L told us in Maths that in 4th Year we will probably be mixed up with the other half of the year. I can dread 4th Year now!


2 thoughts on “I was so chuffed he said hi – 3rd June 1997

  1. Dear @if destroyed still true

    Lucky you my crush hasn’t even looked at me once ever since I started crushing on him! He probably doesn’t even know who I am ! Good luck anyways

    From Amy Hansen ( my blog is called Amesys blog! Please follow ) xx


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