It’s good I said no  – 30th May 1997

Friday 30th I went to the shops today with Emma, Abby and Mum to get these passport photos done for our ski trip. Emma’s look ok but mine are awful and the best one has got a purple streak through it! Typical!

We then went to look for something to wear for the Boyzone concert and I said I wouldn’t have a dress and what did I come out with in the end? A dress! It’s quite nice, black and white and not too fancy.


This evening I went to Freda’s house coz we were going to see Anaconda (a 15 rated film) at the cinema. I arrived with Emma and everyone was there (Freda, Lizzie and Olivia) sitting in the garden.

I was cross with myself for not wearing shorts coz everyone else was (except Lizzie in a skirt) and I had trousers on.

We then went on a long trek with Freda’s Jack Russell (ahh, she’s lovely) then when we got back, Freda told us that she would drop is off home at about midnight.

I phoned Mum coz I expected to be home by about 10:00 pm. She wasn’t too pleased and I wasn’t either so I phoned her back and got her to pick me up.

Everyone else went. I cried on the way home coz I felt stupid not going and admitting that I didn’t want to in front of my mates but I was also relieved I didn’t have to go. I also thought about Mum coz she’s got the inspectors coming to her primary school and she needs sleep.

Dad said that it’s good I said no in front of my friends because it shows I can refuse. I’m quite pleased with myself too on that bit! [God, I was boring. I wasn’t even rebellious enough to go and see a 15 rated film when I was 14 and a half!]


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