Then we went lad hunting – 27th & 29th May 1997

Tuesday 27th The cockatiel’s been back again. We’ve called it Robbie for the moment. Today it came down onto the bird table by the back door and it was feeding from our hands. It’s lovely! Sorry I keep calling it ‘it’, it’s just that we don’t know whether it’s male or female.

Eventually we got it to come onto a stick like a perch so we could carry it round and at one point it landed on Abby.

I’m a bit worried really coz we’ve got Cleo, our cat, and she’s seen Robbie now too.


Thursday 29th It was Abby’s 13th birthday yesterday so we went on a birthday treat with Cassie Forrester and Emma today to Bolton Water Splash whilst Mum went shopping. [Save your imagination! I drew Bolton Water Splash in detail on 3rd September 1996.]

We went on some shoots and stuff and then we went lad hunting. There were some at the waterfall thing and the other 3 were splashing water at them but they were gross so we forgot about them.

Then Emma spotted this nice-ish lad with dark hair so Cassie and Abby went over and asked him out for her. He said no but they found out he was 16 and called Adam from his mum who was standing next to him!

When she found out he was with his mum, Emma ignored him and then spotted this very fit lad who looked like Harry Preston (a bit) who Emma used to fancy so Cassie went and asked him a few questions and told him who liked him. She found out he was called Anthony and was 16.

His mate’s little brother, Gary, kept coming over and telling us that Anthony thought Emma was a wanker and a dickhead and stuff. Eventually, Gary came over and said his brother (gross and ugly) fancied me or Cassie. Urgh! We never found out who but I told Gary I was going out with someone called Dougie anyway! I wish (I think)!

Cassie spotted a little 12 year old lad called Lee who she liked just before we went and his mate (13) just happened to look a tiny bit like Charlie Wilson so Emma and Abby immediately took a fancy to him! We got more attention off them.

At one point when the wave machine came on we went into the River Rapids part and this huge wave came and I got sucked under. [Oh God, I remember this! I’ve been wary of wave machines ever since, the bastards.] It was horrible! I couldn’t see and I couldn’t get up to the surface. I was so scared! I got up and the lifeguard was at the edge looking at me, really worried. I was shaking! It can be really dangerous in those waves sometimes.


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