Monday 26th Auntie G and Grandma S came this afternoon. Auntie G’s came up from London to stay with Grandma in Rochdale until she has to go home to Hanwell tomorrow. Other than that, nothing much had really happened. [Which left plenty of time for worrying.]

I seem to have loads of spots at the moment. I used to get them really badly but after medication from the doctor they seemed to go. I’ve been off the tablets for ages now and onto stuff that I just put on my skin. Now, just after they seemed to go, it looks like they’re coming back. I really hope not coz it’s awful and I never wanted to go anywhere coz my skin was so bad.

I have other worries at the moment. They don’t seem much but I want to write them down. (Not in order.)

1. Problem

In a few weeks times, one of my friends, Sarah, I going on holiday to Tenerife and missing two weeks of school. [Imagine the furore if someone did that nowadays!] Now, for most subject I am mixed with other forms but we’re not mixed for Drama, Art, Music and P.S.E. [Personal and Social Education, I believe i.e. ‘be nice to one another’ and ‘this is how you put a condom on a banana’.]

Most of my friends are in another form except Sarah and Freda. I’m worried that while Sarah is away, Freda will miss those lessons because on Wednesdays we have Drama and she usually has an orthodontist appointments. Then at the end of the week when we have the other 3 lessons, Freda always seems to be ill. If this happens then I’ll be stuck on my own which can be embarrassing coz in those lessons it’s usually group work.

 Solution (possible)

Freda may not be away. If she is then I could take my chances with working with Leona or Karen and Lindsey. For now it’s not worth bothering about though coz who knows what could happen.

Worry about that when it happens, if it happens.

2. Problem

My friends have organised a lot of trips this holiday to the cinema, Camelot and various other places. At school, I have generally found out by overhearing other people organising it.

I’m now worried that they won’t phone me to let me know what’s going on then when we get back to school they’ll brag about how good it was and “How could you have missed it?!”

Solution (possible)

Phone them.

If I can’t get in touch and get back to school and the bragging starts, pretend I don’t care.

Again, worry about it when it happens, if it happens.

3. Problem

All my friends will probably be dressing up for this Boyzone concert on Saturday and I can’t be bothered and I’ve not got anything to wear anyway.

Solution (possible)

Buy something.

If I don’t get chance, just go in what I’ve got and don’t give a toss what they think. Why should I anyway?!

OK! I am going to stop worrying [Yeah right.] and relax and enjoy myself! I’ll keep busy so I don’t have chance to worry!

WORRY ABOUT THINGS WHEN THEY HAPPEN, IF THEY HAPPEN!!! [This must’ve been a bit of a mantra of mine at the time. It’s actually quite sensible. I might take my teen self’s advice!]


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