It’s got PORSCHE written on the back – 22nd May 1997

Thursday 22nd We got our form and individual photos back from school. We had a quick look at the form ones but we have been allowed to take the preview individual ones home. Mine’s not too bad actually. [I beg to differ. I can only assume that fringe was the result of cutting my own hair…]

May 1997 - School photo

Danny Barnes (it is spelt Barnes according to Vanessa and Zoe) got a new red coat. He comes with it on in the morning but takes it off later on. [Details only the most devoted of stalkers would know.] It’s got PORSCHE written on the back. I prefer his black Adidas one.

I went for Abby’s saxophone lesson after school for a while. Charlie W was on the computer again. Just as he was leaving, I said, “Are you done talking to yourself?” He said, “You what?” So I replied, “It must be infectious coz Emma’s started doing it as well now!”

I was joking but he seemed to take it seriously and looked really disgusted, probably at the thought of having Emma copy him! He went, “Oh no. You’re joking? She’s not?” Then walked off going, “Oh no, oh no”! [The poor boy. Teenage girls are very confusing.]


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