I think (I hope) he was joking – 21st May 1997

Wednesday 21st It’s Mum’s birthday today. She’s 46 now but doesn’t look it. [I meant this in the nice way. She looked much younger.] We bought her a little Minolta camera and some chocolates which she’s pleased with.

The Anne Frank exhibition trip was today. It was a video at the beginning then a woman called Gillian walking and talking us round.

On the way back on the coach I had been teasing Emma and Zoe about fancying Neil Kennedy. Eventually they turned it round on me and started asking him if he fancied me. He said yes and I think (I hope) he was joking.

Emma, Lizzie and I then turned round to talk to some of Dougie’s mates, Billy Long and Will Fernley (or “Stringy” as we call him coz he’s so tall).

I’ve found out that the man who plays Ashley Peacock in Coronation Street lives in Warrington and that he’s hardly acting at all coz he’s just like the character in real life. I like him. He’s sort of sweet! Mum told us this.


2 thoughts on “I think (I hope) he was joking – 21st May 1997

  1. Hahahahaha Ashley Peacock! I too took a great interest in Coronation Street characters as a teenager – I was DEVASTATED when Derek died! And completely shocked about Deirdre last week!!! Can you believe that some people didn’t even know WHO SHE WAS????


  2. I was very saddened by the news about Deirdre and went on to reminisce about once spotting her in Thorntons at the Trafford Centre. An incredibly exciting moment in my life. I was surprised some people didn’t know who I was talking about. They were the same people that looked at me like I was a loon this morning while I was reeling off a list of characters in Saved By The Bell. HERMITS!


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