“Do you think you’ll be allowed out when you’re 16?” – 20th May 1997

Tuesday 20th I’m only really updating what I know about Danny. I’ve found out that he’s not in the phone book at all for a start!

Vanessa told Emma (who phoned me after) on their way home from school that he lives near Warrington. Vanessa said that she was sat with him in Maths and he said, ”Well, have we got any homework or not?!” and the girl behind said, “Gosh, Danny, that was almost aggressive!”

Some lads have also said to him, “Do you think you’ll be allowed out when you’re 16?” and he said, “I doubt it!” or something. Emma asked why they said that and Vanessa explained that his mum’s very protective. Aaah, sweet! But poor Danny.

It’s the German exchange starting tomorrow for 10 days. I’m not going (although I can speak German) [A bit of a wild claim!] but Dougie is.

I’ve got a trip tomorrow to Chester for an Anne Frank exhibition with the history and R.E. department in school.

I also had another ski trip meeting (it’s next February) at break about passports and stuff.

It’s been stormy this evening like on Saturday night. I hope it’s not like that again!


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