He’s 31 in 6 days and he’s fed up – 18th May 1997

Sunday 18th Eric Cantona announced his retirement from Man Utd! He’s 31 in 6 days [I will have considered that to be ancient.] and he’s fed up. He’s quitting whilst he’s ahead. I think I’d rather he did this than move to another club though. I can’t believe it!

I was meant to be going to Old Trafford with Freda but she never phoned me!

We went out and bought more fish for the pond. £25 worth – 5 shubunkins, 5 goldfish and 5 ghost koi. The heron had some of the old fish so we’ve replaced them now.


P.S. There was a storm last night (well, 4:00 am) which lasted for ages. The electricity went off for 3 hours or so and everyone was awake in the house at one point.


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