He’s nice but neat – 16th & 17th May 1997

Friday 16th Nothing really happened today except that after orchestra Charlie went home on his bike wearing a helmet. I know it’s safer but he didn’t half look daft!


Saturday 17th P. [Period]

Emma phoned me this morning to ask if I wanted to go to Warrington with her, Freda, Cat and Olivia. I said no because I hate shopping and there were going to see some sad film that I’ve never heard of too.

A few minutes later, I was just regretting saying no coz I was bored and the phone rang. It was Emma saying that she couldn’t be bothered going into town either so she asked if I wanted to go to the Saracen’s Head pub with her in 5 minutes for lunch. I did.

Her dad picked me up (and Emma was in the car too) then we went and met Emma’s mum, gran, granddad, her sister Helena and Helena’s friend Rachael (they’re both about 6 or 7).

I just had a cheese sandwich which was gross coz there was tonnes of butter and hardly any cheese.

Then we went outside on the adventure play area. Yes, were are a but old [That hadn’t stopped me before.] but it’s still fun and we had to keep an eye on Helena and Rachael.

We went back to Emma’s house afterwards and went on the swing in the horse field.

I’ve got her guessing again about Danny Barnes and she finally narrowed it down to a 4th Year boy. She eventually guessed and I denied it at first then admitted it. I told her I didn’t fancy him, I just thought he was nice looking.

Eventually I told her what the girls had said (“Walk slowly, Danny likes her”) and Emma said that it’s not unknown for lads to go for younger girls coz girls like older lads generally.

Emma said she thinks that Danny’s a bit of a gentleman coz she’s spoken to him and her friend Vanessa says he’s nice but neat!

I looked up the name in the phonebook and if he’s in I’ve narrowed it down to either:

Barnes, G.D. – 12 Worcester Close, 01*** 82****


Barnes, T. – 15 Arran Close, 01*** 71****

[Neither of these were right.]

I’m going to have to find out how you spell Barnes/Barns and where he lives, probably from Zoe.

Middlesbrough lost 2-0 to Chelsea in the F.A. Cup final today. I feel sorry for them coz they’ve been relegated so I wanted them to win it. Never mind. I support Manchester United anyway.


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