I like the way he says it – 15th May 1997

Thursday 15th We had an assembly first thing this morning (not our form one) then, as we were all going out, all these Year 10s came in. Danny was with them and he did look at me.

Charlie Wilson was there too. On the way out, he saw me and Emma and he stood there grinning.

I was really tired this morning and I had a stiff neck. I was worrying I could be ill. [More accurately, I’ll have been worrying it was the early stages of meningitis. I’d heard about it and was fairly convinced I’d get it at some point.] I could be but I seem alright now.

On our way to R.E. (last lesson) Emma and I were walking behind Dougie and some of his mates. Most of them went a different way but Dougie and Freddie Bevan went our way. Dougie goes, “Emma! Emma!” then said something about Emma telling his mates he was gay with that perving little wanker Ed. He said he and Ed had been spreading rumours about Emma.

I just laughed (sorry Emma!) then on his way off, I heard Dougie say to Freddie, ”She’s the one that fancies you, Freddie” and he pointed to Emma. She went so red and I just laughed again.

After school on a Thursday, Emma and I have a flute lesson at 4:30 pm so we wait around the music rooms with everyone else who has instrument lessons. Dougie goes for a guitar lesson with Pallav and Charlie goes for guitar and drum kit.

We usually speak to Dougie mostly but I have finally gone off him a bit[Hmm. I’m pretty sure that didn’t last long.] We avoided him and he went on the kit on his own.

Ed had one lesson on today (just this week thank goodness) and he and Pallav were throwing drumsticks at Emma so she was throwing them back. It was funny when Emma hid in the store room ready to leap out at Ed and Pallav and I told him she was at the back so he went in. We turned the light off and shut the door on them!

The lads went to their lesson and there were a few people left. Emma and I went to see what Charlie was doing on the computer. He was composing music. How sad! I made him say hello then he walked away. Emma asked me why I always said hi and I told her I like the way he says it (it’s funny), not realising he was stood behind me.

He really must think I’m a right pain but he laughs. He was sitting there concentrating and talking to himself so I told Emma in a whisper that he heard me. I kept talking to piss out of him and Emma and I feel really tight [mean] now!

Emma drew a cartoon face on the whiteboard, not knowing it was a permanent marker! She panicked and ran off to get stuff from the cleaner. Just the look on her face was so funny when she tried to rub it off but realised she couldn’t!

On our way to our lesson, Emma told Miss T that Charlie is gorgeous so I just popped my head back in the room and told him! [Any excuse to speak to him, it seems. But I didn’t fancy him. OK?!]


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