We talked about lads mostly – 10th May 1997

Saturday 10th It’s just been another pretty boring day today. Nothing much has happened really.

I went round to Emma’s house but it rained all afternoon so we went on her computer for a bit. All we did was talk otherwise but we had some interesting conversations.

We talked about lads mostly because Emma seems to think that Dougie might like me a bit. I certainly hope so coz I like him a lot! I don’t know why really coz I don’t see much of him. I just think he’s nice and he’s not bad looking either!

Then Emma went on to tell me about how she and her friend Vanessa Wood from the year above us in school (4th Year/Year 10) phoned Charlie Wilson last night. Emma fancies him (along with loads of other people) and was dead chuffed [very pleased] he spoke to her.

She said Vanessa spoke mostly coz she’s in his form at school and they just chatted away for ages.

My sister, Abby, fancies Charlie too [Hell yeah she fancied him!] so when I told her that Emma had told me that Charlie said he wasn’t saying who he preferred it’s got her guessing!


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