A pink and purple spotted… tortoise – 9th May 1997

Friday 9th It was gross in our Maths SATS today. Gordon Davies threw up everywhere and then a girl did the same outside the classroom door. The man came in with a mop and it snapped. We had to have extra time added on coz of it.

Nothing else really happened except that after school we had orchestra. I was stood outside the room waiting for the class to come out with Robert Osborne, Theo and Freda at first. More and more people arrived but we still couldn’t go in.

I saw Gethin Turner come and I knew Dougie would be soon after. Charlie Wilson had already arrived and was in shock, I think, coz neither Phyllis or I mentioned Emma to him!

Dougie did come along and stood right next to me. His shoulder was touching mine and I panicked so much that I spoke to Freda! [A huge risk when Dougie was nearby. Freda wasn’t known for her discretion.]

Gethin came and talked to Dougie and I listened in and he mentioned singing the reggae songs so I just said, “What are you singing?” to Gethin. He turned round at me and said, “I’d sooner tell a pink and purple spotted… tortoise than you!” I just laughed at him and yelled, “You WANKER!” down the corridor as he stormed off.

Dougie was laughing with me and I said to him, “What’s his problem?” He replied, “I take it you two don’t get on!” Understatement!


May 1997 - Rosie

This is a picture I drew of our Scottie, Mollie. Isn’t she lovely?!

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