You’ve got a big one – 8th May 1997

Thursday 8th In German today, Ed was pretending he fancied Dougie after Emma asked him if he’d know who Dougie was if he saw him. He even went as far as saying he’d been with him! [Snogged him.]

After school wasn’t too good. At first we arrived before anyone else, then Dougie came. We were sort of hanging round and I said I was going to the shop. I set off with Emma trailing behind me and left Dougie until he said, “I’m going to the shop.” We got there and he saw Pallav so he went off with him.

I saw Owen Kendal on his bus and he was pointing at us for some reason.

Anyway, we went up to the gate just before Dougie came out of his lesson. We stayed until he came and talked. Today we saw Freda too. She said to Dougie, “I’ve heard you’ve been with Ed and you’ve got a big one. Have you? Tess wants to know so she can buy the right condom!” I thumped her. Hard!

She went and we were left with Dougie. Emma was talking about grades again until Dad drove past in the van. Dougie asked who it was so I told him. He said, “Simpson Constructions. What does he do?” Emma butted in as I was about to tell him he does architectural work too but she bloody well told him he builds houses. The cow. What does she know?! [He did build some houses so it wasn’t entirely untrue. I thought Dougie’s dad probably wore a suit to work and that he would be more likely to snog me if our dads were of the same ilk. I also I got a bit embarrassed if boys were around as we set off down the road in a big, red van, setting off car alarms as we rumbled by.]

Charlie was funny. Mr P said, “Girls will you turn off the keyboards” and you should’ve seen how shocked he looked coz he said girls to Charlie! He laughed at me too when I said it was an easy mistake to make!


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