They really do rule – 6th May 1997

Tuesday 6th They’ve done it again. MUFC are the Premiership champions! BRILLIANT! It’s just been announced this evening. No team can catch them now!

Tonight’s scores [Yawn.] were West Ham 0 – Newcastle 0 and Wimbledon 2 – Liverpool 1. GREAT!


That is 4 times now in the past 5 years and the one they missed out on, they still came 2nd. WOW! I bet Hayley’s a bit bothered! [Hayley supported Liverpool.]

We can surely STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPIONS now it’s definite! They really do rule, there’s no doubt about it!


April 1997 - MUFC

P.S. It was our English SATS test today. Boring. Footy’s far more interesting [I beg to differ.] especially when you support the greatest.


P.P.S. All the teams at the top of each league are within a 20 mile or so radius of Manchester.

Premier League – Manchester United
Division 1 – Bolton Wanderers
Division 2 – Bury
Division 3 – Wigan Athletic
Vauxhall Conference – Macclesfield

[There was also this…]

April 1997 - Charlie kit

I just drew a drum kit after Mum mentioned one and I drew someone at it which looks a bit like Charlie Wilson!

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