I just thought out loud. Very loud. – 2nd May 1997

Tuesday 2nd I’ve had a horrible day today. It’s been really hot weather though.

The morning wasn’t too bad except every lesson is now either revision for our 3rd Year SATS or end of year exams. It’s awful!

Then, this afternoon, I was on my own because Freda and Sarah were off and all my other friends are in different forms and we’re not mixed up for Art or Music or Drama.

In Art, we went outside to draw a bunch of man-made materials and I was just sat sweltering on a bench in the yard hoping the lesson would end soon.

Then, in Music, we had to practice our reggae nursery rhymes and, of course, my group was off so I just sat there on my bill.

Finally our lessons for the day ended but I still had orchestra. I was just getting my flute out of the store room and Dougie must have gone past because when I turned round he was in the room sorting his percussion stuff out.

Everybody arrived and I was stood in the corner talking to Emma and Abby and I noticed Dougie moving across the room. I had a feeling he was coming to us coz he and Charlie had been talking and looking over.

He came and said, “Have you got a hair bobble I can borrow?” I nearly choked and said, “You what?” so he repeated it. I asked what for and he said something about attaching the triangle to something.

We went to Abby (who has tonnes of bobbles coz of her bun) and Emma pulled off a scrunchie [So 90s.] but he refused it and said he wanted a thinner one so she gave him a yellow one but he didn’t want that either and he went to Abby and pointed out the one he wanted. He can be cheeky sometimes!

Dougie did keep looking at our direction all the way through orchestra and whenever Mr P said something about the flutes, he always looked up!

After we’d packed up, Charlie came up to me and gave me the bobble back and asked whose it was. I told him it was Abby’s and couldn’t resist adding on, “She only gave it coz she knew it was for you!”

On the way out, Patrick Campbell (more of a wanker than Charlie) said something to me like “Bitch” or something after he’d raised his eyebrows at Emma (I don’t know why) and I’d called him a wanker. [So it was kind of deserved then?] I just thought out loud. Very loud.

I turned round and said, “What did you just call me?” Emma had to grab me before I went over, and because she stopped me, I just came out with, “Do you fancy Emma or something?” He looked shocked and I saw Dougie smiling away to himself. [Probably because I was making a massive tit of myself.]

Dougie asked me if I’d got the bobble back and I said yes. I don’t know why he asked me coz I’m sure he saw Charlie give it me back.

Dougie always seems to go to the phone after so I deliberately walked slowly. He caught up and I was just getting in the car and he waved bye to me!

I pretended not to notice [Ugh! I was rubbish!] so it wouldn’t draw Mum’s attention.

By the way, Labour won the election and Tony Blair’s the new Prime Minister. WOW! Not!


P.S. At one point, Dougie was being stupid with some maracas, showing off probably. Emma says she’s gone off him now!

[MAJOR NEWS!!] Danny Barnes looked at me.

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