I heard a reggae version of ‘Little Bo Peep’ – 1st May 1997

Thursday 1st I’ve had quite a weird day today. [Indeed. Weird and stalker-y. Skip to the end for the worst bit.] As I said, we has our individual and form photos taken today. That was first thing and our form missed break and the ITV cameras. It wasn’t fair!

Labour won the school election. We were meant to be on TV tonight but it seems it was on a lunchtime. Never mind. We could see our headteacher being filmed from our German room and we got a wave off the cameramen!

Zoe asked Charlie out for Emma and evidently he said, “No, I don’t think so!” [I bet Emma’s diary was full of over-analysis of that, along the lines of… ’He didn’t say no for definite. But he didn’t say yes either. What if he was just being shy? Should I ask him out myself? Or will he say no to that too? WILL HE EVER LOVE ME?!’… Or maybe I shouldn’t tar all teenage diaries with the same brush and, actually, it was just me that was a bit mad.]

After school, I went to the Music block with Emma and Charlie was there. I asked him about Emma and he said, “I’m not in the mood.” Ooooh, touchy! I apologised anyway (sarcastically).

I wasn’t sure where Dougie was until he came in with the can of Coca Cola in one hand. He smiled and walked off then came back with a few sad lads.

We were all playing on the keyboards but I went and stood in the doorway. Soon I heard a reggae version of ‘Little Bo Peep’ [??!] being sung and I looked round to see it was Dougie! I just gave him a funny look and he smiled.

Nothing really happened until Dougie had to go home. Emma and I were waiting around at the gate and he came and waited for his mum. The conversation went more or less like this:

[Sorry about this but it was the longest conversation I’d ever had with Dougie so I must’ve felt it needed recording in minute detail. It also sort of explains my stalker attachment glued in at the end of the day…]

Dougie: Alright?!
Me: What? (Eating cola shots) [Tiny, hard, spherical sweets that turned your mouth black.]
Dougie: Nothing. You look like you’ve been thumped in the mouth!
Me: Thanks! (Sarkily)
Dougie: (To Emma) You look like you’ve been thumped all the time! (Referring to her eye make-up, I think.)
Me: (Just laughing)
Dougie: What are they?
Me: Cola shots.
Dougie: Can I have one?
Me: Yeah. (Offered him some)
Emma: I’m hot!
Dougie: Take your clothes of then.
Me: (Choking) WHAT?
Dougie: Can I have some more? (Cola shots)
Me: (Gave him some) Don’t take them all!
Dougie: Did you have a photo done?
Emma: (Wanders off)
Me: Yeah, everyone did.
Dougie: I won’t say anything about cracked lenses then!
Me: Don’t say that to me but she’s (meaning Emma) used to it.
Dougie: Who did you vote for?
Emma: Liberal Democrats.
Me: What about you?
Dougie: Labour in the end. What about you?
Me: I didn’t.
Dougie: Why not?
Me: Coz, I dunno, I just didn’t.
Dougie: That’s sad!
Me: I’m not the sad one. I didn’t vote. (He should try telling Craig Fenwick he’s sad!)
Dougie: (His mum came) See you!
Me and Emma: Bye!


May 1997 - Cola shot bag

[Jesus Christ Superstar, I was weird. And desperate.]

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