What would I do if he asked me out? – 29th April 1997

Tuesday 29th Dougie wasn’t in school today. Lizzie and Lucy said Owen Kendal said on the bus that he had dihorrea! [Grim. I don’t need to have spelt it right for you to know what I meant.] Could be true.

I did see him yesterday. Poppy said she saw him going to his piano lesson on Welford Road.

After school, I was waiting for Zoe to come out of her lesson so I could walk home with her and there were 3 girls and Danny Barnes standing in front of me (they’re in 5th Year). They were looking at me and one of the girls said (still looking in my direction), “Danny likes her. Walk slowly.”

I wasn’t sure whether to go and leave Zoe (who had actually gone coz she was ill) or wait for a bit. I waited until there were a few people in between us.

I’ve been thinking for ages now whether it could be true or not. Danny is quite fit and Zoe quite likes him.

Would he really fancy me though? For a start, I’m in the year below him (but that doesn’t stop some people).

Then again, last week he was in his car and me and Zoe walked past and he smiled at me. I didn’t think anything of it but maybe he noticed me.

Maybe they weren’t looking at me. It could’ve been someone behind me I s’pose and he didn’t look too embarrassed. Even so, he doesn’t look the type to be embarrassed and I’m sure they were looking at me.

The more I think about it the less likely it seems but surely if it was someone in their year they were talking about then they’d know them and tell them.

I’ve only told Abby and I want to tell Emma but she might tell someone else to get back at me for stuff. I’ve got her guessing coz I’ve given her clues.

I’m just going to see what happens. [Doubt it. I bet I continued to over-analyse the situation long after I put my diary away for the night.] If I see him tomorrow, I’ll see what he does.

I don’t know what to think. I hope he does like me (I think) but what would I do if he asked me out? [Quite a leap but stranger things have happened. Haven’t they?!]


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