He laughed at me, the knob! – 28th April 1997

Monday 28th Roxy’s coming back to school on Thursday, I think.

There were talks from all the parties (for the school election) at lunch today. I didn’t go coz I think it’s a load of balls but Cat and Olivia did and they said Dougie and co went! How sad!

In Abby’s year (2nd Year/Year 8) is Guy Morris’s cousin and she’s told Abby that he likes tall, pretty, slim, blonde girls and she agrees that he’s weird! I’m not sure. I can’t make my mind up if he’s just quiet or not!

At last break, I was coming out of English and I stood with Lizzie and she said, “Oh look, there’s one of Emma’s lovers!” I was looking round saying, ”Which one?” and it was so obvious coz Charlie was standing next to me listening and smiling whilst drinking his carton! [That’s too many details to write about someone I apparently didn’t fancy.] I just said, “Oh him!” and smiled. He laughed at me, the knob!

On my way home I was just waiting for Zoe and I saw Ralph. I then noticed Dougie walking with him down the road but I lost sight of him. He gets a bus so I don’t know why he went down the road!

On Neighbours (the TV soap) there’s this nice lad called Lance that I think looks a bit like Dougie. He’s not been in it for a while. I looked at the credits and his name is ANDREW BIBBY[Noted in capitals for future celeb-stalking missions, I assume.]


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