It sniffed out slappers – 25th April 1997

Friday 25th I saw Dougie quite a lot today just in passing though.

At lunch, it was raining and Emma, Cat, Olivia (it’s her birthday) and I went in the Music block. We saw all the silly bitches [A group of pretty, popular girls that also followed Dougie and his friends round like sheep and had a much higher change of snogging one of them than we did.] go into a practice room and then carry microphones and stuff in and we heard a Spice Girls tape playing. How sad!

Dougie and co came along too but didn’t stay long.

Olivia was funny with Larry the Hedgehog (a fluffy toy Sarah got her for her birthday). She said it sniffed out slappers and she pretended it was dragging her over the door.

Orchestra was awful because we had Mr P-R instead of Mr P. He’s even more of a wanker than Charlie W and that’s saying something. He thinks he’s really funny (and so did some people including Dougie) but he’s not!


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