“Eugene!” – 24th April 1997

Thursday 24th It was the auditions for the T-Birds for the school’s production of Grease.

Abby’s friends Cassie and Melanie were looking for Guy Morris to tell him Abby thought he was nice (they didn’t do it) so Emma and I were standing with her waiting for them and Charlie (the scrubber) walked out of the Music block from Grease smiling so I said, “Did you get a part then?” He said yes and we all looked at each other and at the same time yelled, “Eugene!” after him! I don’t know what part he’s actually got though.

After school, Emma and I got to the Music block with Pallav following us. He said to me, “Have you seen Dougie yet?” I said no and he said, “Are you going out with him yet?” [I wished.] I turned round and told him to shut up!

Dougie wasn’t there so we hung round for a bit until I saw his bag so we followed Abby and Dora out to the canteen venders in hope of seeing Dougie. He wasn’t there either. We stayed in the canteen and eventually saw Dougie and that red-headed wanker, Mal Johansson, coming out of the shop. They came into the canteen too! YES!

Dougie was pushing a table and Mal said, “Dougie wants to be a dinner lady!” I couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of Dougie in a pinny and a hat! He laughed too.

We then moved on to the subject of Man U and where Old Trafford is and how Ruud Gullit plays for Chelsea, not Man U, Cheltenham or Celtic as Emma thought.

Dougie told us then that he went to the Grease auditions and was doing the jive! I laughed at that too.



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