There were no nice lads whatsoever – 20th April 1997

Sunday 20th I went to the cinema today. It was originally meant to be just me and Emma but she phoned Freda and Zoe heard about it and invited herself.

We went to see a film called ‘The Saint’. It had Val Kilmer in it and it was about a man who kept changing his identity. It was quite good but there were no nice lads whatsoever except ones coming out as we were going in.

I went back to Emma’s afterwards for a bit and I was really hungry but she kept eating and not offering any to me. I then hurt my ankle coz she pulled me off the horse box. I then had to go and get bales of straw and hay with her from another farm for the horses. [What a slave driver.]

I don’t think I want to go back to school this week. I’ve got Drama, practicing the assembly and singing in Music all to dread.


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