I used to really hate orchestra until Dougie started – 18th April 1997

Friday 18th Today was the usual boring Friday. Until after school. I used to really hate orchestra until Dougie started.

I went into a Music room and put my bag, coat and flute down on a side bench. I then went to the cupboard to find our music and. I wasn’t sure if Dougie was coming or not so I went back to my bag. [Riveting story so far…] He eventually came in the room and I heard Mr P tell him that he wasn’t really needed but he could help Charlie instead.

About 3 years later, Emma arrived! I had got stools out and I went to get a music stand as an excuse to stand near Dougie who was over there. [Things hadn’t really moved on since the time I touched his coat if standing near him is as good as it gets.]

We were sitting along the bench and Ed came up and grabbed hold of Emma’s legs, trying to pull her off the bench. I just stood there and laughed as I watch her struggling to not slide off. I noticed all three lads she fancies in orchestra watching her – Robert Osborne, Charlie Wilson and Dougie! She went so red!

We sat down eventually and I watched Robert and Charlie to see if there were looking at Emma at all and I watched Dougie to see if he was watching me. He was a couple of times when I looked up.

Anyway, it all finished quickly and we went. Outside I said to Charlie as he was walking past, “Hey, watch you don’t get mobbed by fans round the corner!” He said something in response but I cannot remember what.

Dougie was walking behind is at one point and Abby nudged me and went, “Tess, Tess look who’s behind us!” He must’ve heard because I turned round and he said, “Tess, Tess!”


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