Leonardo DiCaprio (PHWOR!) – 17th April 1997

Thursday 17th I saw Dougie and Charlie quite a few times today. [Why would I care about seeing Charlie if I didn’t fancy him, ey?]

Dougie’s form assembly was first thing this morning in the Drama Studio. I walked in and was looking around for him but I didn’t know where he was until I looked down and saw him on the front row at the end looking up at me. I nearly burst out laughing.

The assembly was on friendship and all the different situations. Dougie’s group was on last. He was with Ralph Christopherson, Owen Kendal, Graham Baxter, Jez Greenhalgh, David Ingle and Freddie Bevan. That’s all Dougie’s mates.

They did a sketch on not doing what your friends do. The script was sort of like this:

Jez: What are you doing for your choices next year?
All: R.E.
Jez: I’m doing History.
Dougie: History? That’s so sad!

It was so stupid! [I was being defensive because I was totally guilty of picking subjects just because my friends were doing them.]

I spoke to Charlie today at lunch. I do it to make Emma jealous. [Whatever.] I saw him in front of us and I said, “Hi Charlie!” He just said “Hello” and walked off but it was enough to get a black look off Emma!

A girl fell down the stairs at lunch today. Someone said she’d taken an overdose of her inhaler and she went dizzy and fell. An ambulance came and all!

After school was quite good again. Zoe came along even though she’s given up the flute. Emma and I went over to her while she was talking to Charlie. I was teasing him and Emma then Dougie arrived. He came in the room and sat on a side bench by Charlie. Charlie’s had his hair cut by the way. [Why was I so obsessed with writing down when people had their hair cut?!]

Zoe kept laughing for some sad, unknown reason and was pissing me off. I controlled my mouth though. Just.

Charlie’s guitar teacher came in so we all wandered over to another room with the drum kit in it. Emma sat down until Dougie came in then she shifted and he sat down. He played a bit then moved to the piano and I sarkily commented on his talent. He went back to the kit and Emma asked him what grade he was on. I told her they didn’t do grades and he back me up on that one.

Emma then told him about the photo we found of him at Lucy’s and I said that he still had his Asda bag and he sort of embarrassedly smiled! Ahhh!

Emma then said, “Tess fancies you!” and I went sarky again and said, “Mmm, yeah!” I looked at him and he looked at me so I looked away again.

We then reminded him of a prank phone call Emma did on him. He said he didn’t know who it was but he knew it wasn’t real. I turned on Emma and told him she would’ve believed it.

We went into the corridor again and Emma asked Dougie if he’s seen Romeo and Juliet after Abby pulled at Leonardo DiCaprio (PHWOR!) picture out of her bag. I told Dougie I thought Leo was gorgeous and he said something about his English teacher, Miss P.

I went on to Man Utd then and how far ahead in the Premier League they were. He backed me up again with 2 points ahead. Thanks, Dougie!

Dougie went to his lesson so we went to the shop. We came back and he was coming out of his lesson again. We turned round and walked back with him to his car saying we were going to the shop again.

Emma asked him if he is coming to orchestra tomorrow and he nodded. She then said, “All the girls in your half of the year are bitches”. He disagreed and said, “They are on your half too, mentioning no names!” Charming! Thanks a bunch! I suppose if he’d said the lads in my form were dickheads or something then I would’ve disagreed with him too.

He went home after turning round in his seat and smiling at me! I didn’t tell Emma coz she didn’t see and she’d only say he didn’t even though he did!

We then saw that scrubbing minger Charlie again and I told him he should set up a fan club and get t-shirts printed and stuff. I heard, “Yeah right!” from round the corner and that was the end of that!


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