Fagging it and thumping people – 14th April 1997

Monday 14th

P. [Period.]

I’m worried about something. [Standard.]

I walk round to school with Poppy, Zoe and Leona. Emma also walks round on Mondays. Now, after we got to school this morning, Poppy told me that Zoe had told the other 2 not to talk to me and that they wouldn’t walk round with me tomorrow morning.

It’s not Zoe I’m really bothered about because she seemed ok at lunch. It’s more Leona because she’s sort of in with all the hard gang of girls who go round fagging it [smoking] and thumping people.

Tonight, Leona didn’t walk home with me. She walked round with Cara Ewing, this really nasty girl from 5th Year.

If Leona thinks about not speaking to me then she might tell these girls about not liking me and they might all be nasty.

I’ve been thinking this over and I’ve decided to deal with Zoe by being nice to her which will be hard coz she really pisses me off!

With Leona (if she’s there tomorrow), I’ll say hi and see what her reaction is then I’ll ask if she wants me to wait for her after last lesson. If she asks why, I’ll say about her walking round with Cara and I that wasn’t sure what she was doing. I’ll then ask if she could tell me if she’s planning on just walking with Cara so I can just go home if necessary.

I really hope it works coz I don’t want any trouble.



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