She said I was NORMAL – 12th & 13th April 1997

Saturday 12th Hi! I went to the next village with Emma and met Hayley and Milla there. The only reason we went was so that we could phone Dominic!

Hayley and Milla went away and left Emma and I to phone him. Emma spoke and said she was a friend from school. He wasn’t in and his dad said he’d gone climbing. I bet it’s one of those indoor places or something. I wonder if he’s any good!


Sunday 13th

April 1997 - Horoscope

This is my horoscope for the week. My birthday is on the 12th Nov (’82) so I’m a Scorpio. I’m not really sure if I believe in it all [I definitely don’t now!] but sometimes it can get pretty close to what happens.

The bit I’ve underlined is the part that I’m hoping will come true with Dougie this week as he was paying more attention to me last week.

Emma certainly wasn’t telling me I was wonderful at her house today. She said I was NORMAL then asked me why I was taking it to heart! I could have thumped her! [I should’ve taken it as a massive compliment! I must’ve concealed the house-sketching stalker side of me well…]

Some of the animals in this house have gone hyper this evening:

Mollie (dog) – Woke up not so long ago and went into the front room where Mum was watching telling. Mollie went all flat-eared and waggy-tailed then she jumped up and ran off with the TV switch!

Tizzy (hamster) – She’s far more active than usual. I’ve just cleaned her cage out and she was racing round the floor rubbing up against things. I’ve put her back now and she’s just hanging and crawling updside-down on the roof of her cage.

I wonder if our pets can sense something happening that we can’t!


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