Emma, spare seat, Dougie, spare seat, me – 10th April 1997

Thursday 10th Hayley and I have decided to phone Dominic Walters and ask if he wasn’t to come bowling or something this weekend. I don’t know if we will but I hope so.

I was also with Hayley when we passed Dougie on the stairs and she yelled, “James Douglas! Tess Simpson fancies you!” Ooh, it’s so embarrassing!

It’s Thursday today which means I had my flute lesson and Dougie had his giutare [Seriously? I’d spelt it right every other Stalker Thursday.] lesson which means I sometimes get to speak to him without his mates or that gang of silly bitches.

Tonight was better than usual because when Emma and I got there Dougie was on his own in a room but we went into the corridor. He walked past us and disappeared somewhere so Emma and I went and stood outside.

A bit later, I spotted Dougie and Pallav looking at the Music noticeboard. I was a bit embarrassed about what Amy had said but no-one mentioned it.

Pallav went into Drama to rehearse for ‘Our Day Out’ so Dougie was on his bill [On his own… Billy no mates… Bill.] again. He came to the fire exit that Emma and I were standing by and sort of just stood there looking at us.

I actually noticed that he has quite a few spots which makes me feel a bit better. [I had approximately 50,000,000.] The 3 of us sort of wandered back inside and stood outside the Drama Studio. We were trying to see in and I was stuck between Emma and Dougie and he obviously couldn’t see coz he leaned on me to get a look. YES!

A little lad came to the curtains and told us to, er… well, get lost basically so we complained at him a bit and just stood there. Mrs A the Drama teacher came and asked us if we wanted to come in so Dougie asked us if we wanted to!

On the way in, I asked him if he’d been to seen Romeo and Juliet. He said, “No, Not yet. I’m probably seeing it tonight or at the weekend.”

We went to the seats at the top. It was sweltering hot up there! We sat like this:

Emma, spare seat, Dougie, spare seat, me.

It must’ve looked so daft really!

We didn’t really speak but he kept looking at me everytime there was a funny part as if to see how I was reacting!

We went coz it got boring. We went on the keyboards and Dougie got a cow noise on his and said, “Emma!” Nice one, Dougie!

I started telling Abby about Dominic. I could see Dougie listening and looking so I said Dominic was nice and stuff to try and make him jealous.

Emma thinks that Dougie thinks of us as friends. I’m not so sure!


P.S. I’ve just remembered what else Dougie did. Emma had her hair cut in the holidays and she fancies this lad in 4th Year called Charlie Wilson. I think he’s gross! [I now think the lady doth protest too much.]

Anyway, I’ve been threatening to ask him what he thinks of Emma’s hair and I finally got the chance and asked. He just ignored me and said, “I haven’t seen it yet.” So, I nearly pulled Dougie into the room thinking it was Emma standing behind me (standing behind ME!) when actually she’d run down the corridor.

Dougie came out of the room smiling at me and he said, “He thinks it’s different!” Thanks, Dougie. I finally found out!


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