She sat twiddling his hair – 9th April 1997

Wednesday 9th Nothing much happened at school but this evening I went to the cinema to see ‘Romeo & Juliet[And so begins my lust for Leonardo DiCaprio.]. This version was set in modern times e.g. the fight scene used guns instead of swords.

May 1997 - Leo

[This was stuck in the back of my diary. I lurved him.]

Emma’s mum took me and her and by then I was quite excited because someone had said that Dougie was also going. We got there and Freda, Cat, Hayley and Milla Green were already waiting outside for us.

We went in and got drinks and stuff but there was no sign of Dougie so I gave up on him and looked for other lads. There was one who looked a bit older than me and he was stood on his own looking at me at one point until his family came back.

I had also noticed a group of 3 lads wandering round waiting for someone. One of them I noticed more. They were the same age as me and this one was nice. He had (very) dark brown hair and was about the same height as me and wearing a red and black coat. [Why was the coat always noted down as an important detail? For potential distance-stalking missions? Probably.]

Anyway, we went into the cinema at Screen 7 and sat down. We were more or less at the back but we split up. Emma, Freda and Cat sat together and I sat with Milla and Hayley. There was no one in front of us until 4 lads walked in, one of which was Robert Osborne out of my form at school who Emma fancies. The others were the lads outside. They sat right in front of us!

Hayley fancied the dark haired lad too and most of the way through the film (with Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo. Phwoar!) she sat twiddling his hair. He wouldn’t go out with her though, thank goodness.

I found out he is called Dominic Walters, he’s 14, he lives nearer town, he’s mates with Robert (who I didn’t know had any mates!), he likes popcorn and M&Ms, he liked Juliet, his birthday is in January and (most important of all) he supports MANCHESTER UNITED! YEAH! [That’s pretty proficient stalker note assemblage. How did I manage that in a quiet cinema while simultaneously swooning at Leonardo DiCaprio? Multitasking at it’s finest.]

I got his phone number for Hayley [What? Why not get it for myself?!] but I can’t remember it. It’s 01*** 04 or something. I think.


P.S. I think Dominic’s number is 01*** 04****. If it is in the phonebook, it says ‘A. Walters, 11 Bridge Close’ on page 181. Got it?! I hope so!

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