He needed a shave – 8th April 1997

Tuesday 8th I got all morning off school today to go to the orthodontist. It was worse than I thought. I only really got nervous in the car with Dad but before then I was fine.

It was Mr F in Warrington on Bewsey Street, I think. We went in the door and there was a boy and his mum and a girl and her mum in the waiting room. It was so quiet that I nearly burst out laughing.

I was called up by the nursey-type woman and a man, youngish with glasses came in. He needed a shave.

The man told us what orthodontist meant first. We already knew. I sat in the chair and he made a mould of my teeth with green slimy stuff. It was gross! I then had to go for 2 x-rays. One from the front and one all the way round.

Dad and I were called back 10 minutes or so later. The x-rays had developed and just showed what we already knew about a top tooth lying horizontally in my gum. He also told us (which I didn’t know) that it seemed to be damaging the root of my front tooth and it if migrated it could be painful.

I now have 2 options. I either leave my teeth and keep having them x-rayed once a year to keep an eye on the tooth that might move or have surgery. I think I’ll leave it!

Urgh! I’ve got Drama tomorrow. I hope it’ll be nothing too awful that we’re doing now. [I’d say this confirms that I was lying through my wonky teeth when I told Dougie I planned to do Drama in 4th Year.]



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