Crap, isn’t it?! – 6th & 7th April 1997

Sunday 6th I don’t want to go back to school!

We played The Gamma Game again today but it was interrupted by us going to the garden centre. There was this film crew there from ‘Surprise Gardens’ and we were all trying to get their attention but they didn’t come to us.


Monday 7th Rhian, Tom, Minnie, Auntie S and Uncle G have gone home now.

I woke up this morning looking forward to a fun day with my cousins then I remembered they were leaving. To top it all, I had to go back to school! [NoooOOOOooo!]

Abby and I woke Rhian up and we talked for a bit but then we had to go to school. I hate saying goodbye and was nearly in tears in the car.

We’ve just had a phone call from Auntie S to say they arrived back safely at about half 7pm. I was hoping there would be traffic jams or snow storms so they’d have to turn round and come back! No such luck!

I’m really missing them. The house is far too quiet! I’ve not got Rhian being crazy, Tom kissing me every 5 minutes or Minnie bossing everyone around! It’s so boring here now!

Anyway, the first day back at school was ok but the staff have started this new positive discipline scheme. It’s a load of balls! When you come into a lesson you have a credit but it’s removed if you’re late or if you talk when the teacher is or something. If you misbehave again you get a 10 minute detention and so it goes on to

a 30 minute detention
then isolation
then the CSU which is Close Supervision Unit

Crap, isn’t it?!

I’m going now.



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