The Gamma Game – 4th & 5th April 1997

Friday 4th Rhian, Tom and Minnie etc. came back today until Monday. Abby, Dad and I went to pick them up from the airport this evening.

We’ve just messed around this evening because it’s gone dark but maybe there will be more to do tomorrow.

Tom and Uncle G are going to Ibrox tomorrow to watch Glasgow Rangers.

It’s 1000 days until the new millennium from today as well!


Saturday 5th Abby, Rhian and I went to the cinema today to see ‘Larger Than Life’. It was boring compared to ‘Dante’s Peak’ but it was funnier. It was about this man who had a clown as a dad and when his dad died he inherited an elephant. He had to take the elephant, Vera, to a place where she would be safe and well looked after.

This afternoon we played The Gamma Game which is a game we play in the tree. [Oh God, this is embarrassing. Why wasn’t I snogging boys and drinking cider outside Kwik Save like the other 14 years olds did round here?!] We pretended we were in a forest with wolves and bears etc. but the most dangerous ones of all are the gammas.

April 1997 - Gamma

[A gamma. Dangerous.]

They look cute but they’re evil little creatures that like human flesh! They’re about the size of a big rat and run round in packs. [Seriously, WTF?!]

It’s stupid really and I’m getting a bit old for it now but it keeps our cousins happy! [Whatever. I took the time to draw a gamma. I loved this stuff.]

This evening we went for a meal at a pub down the road. It was good.

April 1997 - Toothy bye

[The jaws of a gamma?]


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